Cultural promotion,

Women empowerment in Jazz and improvising arts, culture of meritocracy


Diretto a tutti i Festival Jazz Italiani

Dead line per le candidature 17/07/22 Ore 24.00

JazzMine, in collaborazione con Midj e I-Jazz, lanciano la call sul gender equality diretta a tutti i Festival Jazz Italiani.

Obiettivo è premiare la rassegna artistica con il palinsesto maggiormente equilibrato per presenza di genere. Il vincitore, nominato da una commissione JazzMine e Midj, riceverà il riconoscimento durante il Festival “Il Jazz Italiano per le terre del sisma”, il prossimo settembre 2022.

Chi può partecipare
Qualunque rassegna/Festival Jazz, svoltasi o che si svolgerà in Italia tra il 1 settembre 2021 e il 1 settembre 2022 (date da intendersi come eventuale inizio di una più giorni di concerti).

Inviando la propria candidatura all’indirizzo email entro e non oltre il 17/07/22 Ore 24.00, con oggetto: “Partecipazione Call Gender Equality 2022 – Nome della Rassegna/Festival”

La mail dovrà contenere:

  • Modello A debitamente firmato (SCARICARE A QUESTO LINK)
  • La locandina della rassegna/Festival dove siano chiari, oltre i leader, anche i nomi dei membri di ciascuna band
  • In caso in locandina fossero indicati solo i leader o i nomi dei progetti, allegare anche il Modello B (SCARICARE A QUESTO LINK) con i nomi dei componenti di ciascuna band.

La mancanza dei nomi dei membri delle band comporterà l’esclusione.
In caso di presenza di due edizioni (ad es primavera ed inverno dello stesso Festival) allegarle entrambe nella stessa domanda.




Firenze_May 26, h 9.30 - 13.00

“Il futuro dell’educazione e dell’alta formazione Musicale”

“Diversità, equità e inclusione nella musica”

Workshop on gender equality held within the annual meeting of Italian conservatories, in the “L. Cherubini” Conservatory, Florence.
Two panels of discussion with:
Ester Cois, Johann Merrich,
Susanna Stivali, Alessandra Micalizzi,
Alice Salvalai, Cecilia Sanchietti, Luisa Santacesaria, Valentina Bertolani, Marie Skłodowska,
Ilaria Giani, Clementina Casula

Bologna_May 21, 2022 h 10.45

JAZZOCENE - Stati generali della Federazione del Jazz italiano

Workshop - Gender equality

Gender equality workshop and discussion group, held by the National Federation of Italian Jazz and led by Cecilia Sanchietti, President of JazzMine (IT) and Martel Ollerenshaw Arts & Parts Creative Producer (UK).
Bologna, Conservatory GB Martini

DIJ-ITA - Donne Italiane del Jazz

The first platform of Italian women in jazz

DIJ-ITA, the first platform of Italian women in jazz, out from 1 March 2022
(Read the press release ITA version)

It is a useful tool both for musicians and event organizers, who can rely on it to learn about activities and projects of women engaged in the improvised arts sector and include them in their schedules, in order to guarantee an egalitarian and meritocratic representation of the Italian jazz scene.
It is a simple and effective tool, which meets the difficulties to find female jazz musicians, who lead or co-lead projects.
In fact, as it came out from the Contiamoci Research, female jazz players in Italy face two main problems: they are very few and less space in the media and promotion is given to them compared to male musicians. Therefore, Dij-ita would be a practical tool to make musicians and organisers an active part in this process. **The platform is free and constantly updated””.

DIJ-ITA provides two tools:

  • the form, directed to women Italian Jazz musicians or resident in Italy, of all ages, with leader or co-leader projects, orginal or not;
  • the database list, with all the proposals, available for cultural operators or everyone is interested in.

Thanks for your contribution!


A survey on gender balance on the Italian jazz music scene

Contiamoci («let’s count ourselves») was born from an idea of the JazzMine artistic committee. It takes shape from the now urgent and common need to become aware, through the analysis of data and targeted actions that will follow, of the existence of issues related to the theme of gender balance in the world of music in general and specifically of jazz.
Contiamoci is a data collection, launched in 2020 and aimed at musicians in the jazz music scene, which aimed to give a portrait of equal opportunities in jazz in Italy. A questionnaire drawn up with the intention of investigating the aspect of gender balance in the world of Italian jazz, starting from the analysis of some important data such as: the professional path, the job opportunities, the number of bands one has been part of, the presence of women in bands and leadership roles etc. What follows is a report where some of the most interesting results that have emerged are presented.


JAZZ MINE NETWORK, is an Italian Cultural Association, National and International Network, born from an idea of Cecilia Sanchietti, Italian drummer, in 2019. It includes musicians and active people on gender equality issues, with a specific focus on jazz and improvising arts. The main purpose is to promote the equal opportunities in arts to fight the existing unbalances, through educational, advocacy and awareness-raising actions.

If you want to know more about us, visit the News and Activities, DIJ-ITA and Contiamoci web site sections and our social media.
If you want to pursue the gender essay, please consult the free Documents section.
If you want to be part of our Network or arrange a meeting, contact us at

Every contribution is useful and welcomed!


JazzMine works following the main strands of:
advocacy, awareness, research and training.
Read the NEWS sections for the upcoming events and follow us on our SOCIAL MEDIA



DIJ-ITA, the first platform of Italian women in jazz,it is a simple and effective tool, which meets the difficulties to find female jazz musicians, who lead or co-lead projects.
It is a useful tool both for musicians and event organizers, who can rely on it to learn about activities and projects of women engaged in the improvised arts sector and include them in their schedules, in order to guarantee an egalitarian and meritocratic representation of the Italian jazz scene.


Since 2019:

“L’arte dell’arrangiar(SI)”
Teacher Federica Zammarchi
(Home recording, virtual instruments etc..)

Teacher Federica Zammarchi (music writing, virtual composition programmes etc..)

“Il meglio di me” coaching training course.
Massimiliano Bertolucci
Look at the video.


Meetings, events, workshops

The promotion of gender equality in jazz field, is an important JazzMine priority for increasing the civil society and music industry awareness, on inequalities.

Upcoming events:
JazzMine will lead discussions in

  • 21/05/22 “JAZZOCENE”, held by National Federation of Jazz - Bologna, Conservatory GB Martini;
  • 26/05/22 “Il futuro dell’educazione e dell’alta formazione Musicale”, Conservatory L.Cherubini, Firenze.

Past events:

  • 4/2/22, “Parliamo di parità di genere” in cooperation with Midj and Italia Jazz;
  • 4/11/21, “Contiamoci” within Lucca Jazz Donna Festival;
  • 8/03/21, “Contiamoci” Teatro Villa Pamphilj, Rome;
  • 8/03/20, “In genere jazz!” held in cooperation with ass. “Il Jazz in Cantina” and “SOFIA” from Switzerland.


JazzMine aims to promote the gender balance issue through studies and surveys.

Main actions conducted:

  • Contiamoci, survey on gender balance in jazz. REPORT
  • DIJITA, the platform of the Italian women in jazz musicians


Reports, surveys, declarations

Consult the following documents! They are available, constantly updated, for your personal training or as supporting tools for the organization of sensitization events on your city.
If you are aware of new documents, please inform us and we will include in this section.
If you are available to plan a new event, send us an email and we’ll give visibility!

Contiamoci - JazzMine

Challenges for women musicians in jazz

Europe Jazz Balance - EJN

European Jazz Network Report

Inclusion in the recording studio - Pop sector (2017)

USC Anneberg- School for Communication and Journalism

Jazz, Gender, Authenticity -

(2012)10th Nordic Jazz Research Conference - Stockholm

Dismantling Patriarchy is a Daily Practice

(2021)Terry Line Carrington

Claming Spaces

Academy of Music and Drama University of Gothenburg

European Parlament Resolution 2009


-Organize events, meetings and discussions in your city and, please, let us know at
-If you have other documents and studies on gender balance in music, please report us and we’ll include in our website section.
-Free Donation via PAYPAL to JazzMine Network,
-Support us with the 8X1000, FISCAL CODE 96418090583

FOLLOW AND PROMOTE OUR ACTIVITIES and we will reach a wider audience!



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